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Connect. Deepen. Wonder.

Ritual coach Bärbel Weiligmann

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Rituals bring you into the flow and connect.


Rituals help you deal with emotions and stress.


Rituals deepen your experience.

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For you

Collect experiences, not things.

For a long time it was important to always have the newest thing. The latest phone, a wandrobe full of clothes, or that one bag that keeps showing up in ads on social media.


Now we realize that collecting experiences  will enrichen our life more than material possessions ever could. However, if we go through new experiences faster than he latest series on Netflix, how much value does it really provide you?


Consider a recent experience

You thought it would be life changing. You were sure it would stay with you forever. How long did you actually enjoy it? How intense was the experience in hindsight?  How great would it be if you can create powerful memories of these moments, that will stay with you forever?


Use rituals

Rituals are conscious actions used for a specific purpose, unlike the many often mindless habits we have. Rituals are already engrained in our system, but often we are not aware of using them consciously.


By using rituals in your daily life, you create hooks in your brain. This makes your memories of good experiences truly comes to life. It's anchored into your memory. This allows you to include the feeling and intention of the exact moment you commit big life changes to memory.

For companies

Rituals connect colleagues & deepen the relationship.

  • Do you want your employees to feel (re)connected to your organization?

  • Do you need new ideas to deepen the team spirit?

  • Are you looking for ways to start a new collaboration in a special way?

  • Is the productivity in your organization not quite what you would like it to be?

You’re in the right place. With an innovative approach that is supported by rituals, we take on great challenges. We will increase the productivity of your employees or work on the connection within the team and to the company. This way, all of your employees will use their own strengths and can experience more creativity in the workplace.


The programs

Every company has its own stories and its own needs, and therefore needs its own rituals. So, of course, all programs will be designed to best suit the needs of your employees and your vision. The content of the programs varies, but a few examples are:

  • Strengthening the connection.

  • Increasing the interpersonal depth within the team.

  • Restoring creativity.

Every program centers around unique exercises through which people gain new insights into themselves, others and the workplace.

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Are you looking for a group activity that creates depth?

Maybe a birthday you want to celebrate differently,

a team meeting with colleagues, or a bachelor party?

8 ritual workshops for you where you connect, deepen and be amazed.


How does it work?

You can choose from several themes for the workshop. Each theme can be interesting at any moment in your life; just browse through them to discover the possibilities and choose what speaks to you most. 



What do we do during a workshop?

The workshops all last two hours. The exact content of the workshop differs based on the theme, but you can expect to experience a ritual and to go home with a meaningful symbol. You will connect to a deeper level of yourself, bond with your group and of course, you will have fun! For more information, check out the different themes. .


Compass & Map

Ritual tasting

Test rituals and see what happens when you use them consciously.


The ritual tasting is a method to show you which rituals empower you.


In this workshop we will find out which rituals you currently using and discover other rituals you could add to experience life fully.



At the end of the workshop, each participant has a personal Ritual Compass to use for the coming period.


You will have experienced a deeper access to your inner motivations, and you will have participated in an engaging workshop with original exercises.




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Connect and find

Connect to yourself and others. See what emerges if you truly dare to look.


Who are you when you are not playing a role, but just exist as a human?

How do you connect to yourself and others right now? What does connection mean to you?


Everybody is always saying you need to find yourself, but where do you look?


Finding your purpose starts by getting in touch with yourself. What do you need to connect, and how do you use your own strengths? An inspiring way to connect is by using rituals and by first learning who it is that you are.


You’ll do original exercises to get to know your authentic self, and how to show that self and deepen your contact with other people.


Search for ideals

How are you connected to your ideals right now?


Do you look around and see everybody “living their best and most beautiful life” or “living their passion?”

Would you like that too?


Do you want to find your passion, but have no idea where to start?


Having ideals provides you with strength. It’s a guiding force in your life.


During this workshop, you’ll discover your relation to your ideals in order to live life with them as a starting point.

How can you connect to your ideals and bring them to life?

By using rituals, you will discover your ideals and discover how you can take your next step.

Four diverse women holding each others w


Trust in you

Trust in yourself is the basis for trust in others.


How can you grow your trust, in yourself and in other people and situations?


Do you build trust with conscious attention?


Developing a deeper trust in other people and in your environment, assists you to get more out of life.


Which rituals would help you to support your own trust (for instance, when you are giving a presentation or asking someone out on a date)? How do you develop a deep trust in times of constant rushing and uncertainty?

This workshop allows you to create a deeper contact with the trust in yourself and others by using the tools rituals provide you.

8 riutuelenworkshops

The four stages (of life): Starting, growing, letting go, standing still

Rituals and symbols are excellent support when passing through the different stages of life.

At each moment in time we are in several different stages of life and growth at once.


Perhaps you are just starting a new relationship, you are growing in your job or you have recently let go of a friendship. The different aspects of your life can be in different stages at the same time.


Do you ever stop to think about these stages? By becoming aware of where you are, you create memories of life-changing events that really stick.


Look through four different themes. Contact me to discuss which one suits you best.



What would you like to try out? Which new ideas and creative endeavors deserve some space?


Maybe you are about to create big changes in your life — like moving to a new place, starting a new relationship, entering a new career path, or simply creating a small habit that helps you to be more productive.


Or perhaps you have no idea what it is you want to start, but you do know you want to do something to get out of your comfort zone. 

Starting something goes beyond just making a start. Rituals to get started and continue with the right steps will support you to accomplish your (new) goals.



Do you regularly plant new seeds, but forget to celebrate the harvest when you are successful?


How can you optimally use your energy? Do you sometimes stop to appreciate the (small) positive events in your life?

Are you longing to always be your best self, but unsure how?

Positive energy will help you to get the most out of your life and to enjoy it to the max. It will help you to grow and move forward with anything you put your mind to.

It’s natural for positive energy to grow, and with the help of rituals and habits in this workshop, we will allow it the space to do so. Afterwards you will always be able to access it.


Let go

What can you let go of? Are you carrying something you don’t need to carry? Is it costing you a lot of time and energy?

Sometimes we need to let things go to ensure our own mental or physical wellbeing.


This can be pain and sorrow, but also relationships, convictions or just the small everyday stuff that keeps getting in your way. Feelings need attention from us.


With the use of rituals, it will become a lot easier to leave difficult events and stories in the past.

You will learn how rituals can support you in the process of letting to in order to minimize your suffering, create peace, and step into a new stage of your life.


Stand still

Are you always putting on background music, just to not have to listen to your thoughts?


But is there a yearning for silence deep inside of you?


By creating stillness within yourself and your surroundings, you create space to receive and reflect. Daily life is often too busy for proper reflection.


To keep growing, it helps to look back and see what was. It will allow you to experience life’s valuable lessons in a very conscious way.


We will ponder ways to create more stillness and reflection into your daily life. After moments of standing still, you will start up again. This will bring you an experience of pleasant silence and clarity, before going back home satisfied.

Workshop themas
Hiking in Sunset

Rituals are the foundation of our feelings.



Rituals are the homeland of feelings.

Praktische Informatie 

During the workshops (online or on location), you will uncover important themes of life in an accessible way by using rituals.


We do original and unique exercises, together as well as alone, so it will become an experience filled with connection, deepening and wonder.


You will look back on an activity that was not only super fun, but also filled with value, because you connected more to yourself and to others. 

You will get the tools to level up your own life by using rituals. After this, you can continue working on this yourself and you will be able to experience wonder at any time. 

The details
Check out which workshop suits you best and gather your group. The only thing left to do then is to pick a date. 

A ritual workshop lasts for two hours, and costs €250,- (including btw/vat for non-business groups).


You arrange the location and the group, I will arrange a marvelous new experience just for your occasion. 

I like to help you in making good choices for you. 


Doke Hoekstra

Creative entrepreneur

“The Ritual workshops have been really special to me. It gave me insights on a personal level, but also an interpersonal level.


Bärbel creates an intimate atmosphere. That, combined with the hospitality and passion with which Bärbel guides the workshop, truly makes it into an enriching experience that I would highly recommend to anyone!”


Marius Touwen
Art Department  

“I got pulled out of my comfort zone and was part of an accessible, positive and especially fun workshop.


I felt at ease and really connected to the group. At the end of the evening, I went home filled with excitement.”

christine foto.jpg

Christine Wagner

Bärbel's ritual sessions inspire, stimulate creativity and strengthen the connection of the group with one another, as well as with the audience.

Bärbel performs her powerful rituals with great enthusiasm. She is a deep listener and great connector. Through her rituals she motivates people to take the first step to feel, think and act differently.


Every ritual with Bärbel is a start for a profound transformation.

Investing in rituals in the workplace has many benefits

Unlike habits, rituals are conscious actions that are used for a specific purpose at a specific time. Everybody can create rituals. They are part of our system, our DNA and even our workplaces.

Five scientifically proven benefits of rituals:

  1. Rituals save time and quicker get you into a state of flow. (Tigchelaar)

  2. Rituals increase performances. (Alison Wood Brooks, Norton)

  3. Rituals help people to deal with emotions and stress. (Norton)

  4. Rituals strengthen creativity in groups. (Norton)

  5. Rituals increase the quality of an experience. (Kathleen Vohs)

I offer 3 different services. Each workshop is tailor-made and provides a great connection between employees and team colleagues.

Business Case

Rituals compass for your employees

The Ritual Compass is a method to show employees which rituals give them strength.


Together we will learn which rituals they currently have in their lives and we discover new ones they can add to support them in their careers and jobs.

At the end of the workshop, each participant will have his or her own unique Ritual Compass that they can use at work.


Your employees will have made a deeper connection to their inner motivations by doing fun exercises.


They will feel more connected to each other and can support others with their rituals.

Unique rituals for

your company

Are you using the rituals you have on purpose? Or did they start by accident? In the workshop, I will help you intentionally design rituals specifically for the culture and needs in your company.

When can you use rituals? Well, for instance…

  • For the start of an important new collaboration

  • At the start of a team meeting

  • To celebrate a success

  • When saying goodbye to an important team member

  • In the transition from old to new (in a restructuring)

Rituals also offer tons of value for individual employees.


How about a small ritual to mark the beginning and the end of a workday? Or a ritual during breaktime that makes the productivity increase afterwards.

Ritual workshops for different stages of growth

Rituals and symbols are very suitable to support people going through different stages.

At each time of our (working) life, we are going through all of these stages.


Perhaps you are just starting a new assignment, you’re growing in a certain area and you recently had to let go of a customer. All aspects of your work go through similar stages of growth.

Are you consciously aware of this?

Do you take the time to reflect?


By doing so, you create lasting memories of important events, that will continue helping you. Now, and in the future


Gino Govinder
Earthrise Trust, South Africa 

Since I first met Barbel one of the most outstanding features I have bear witness to is her passion and compassion in working with people in a variety of contexts - from the grassroots to the boardroom - applying her skills and knowledge to build praxis. 


Her use of ordinary everyday symbols such as a wheel to advance ways of seeing, ways of being and ways of doing were truly inspiring and when done leaves a lasting legacy for our community in South Africa.


Sharon Bligh
Consumer Goods Forum 

Working with Barbel is unique.  I had never encountered her techniques and I was quite skeptical at first but I have seen now the impact. 


Her rituals build a deeper sense of  connection, trust and accountability among team members and link everyone around a common belief and purpose.


I look forward to our meetings and the new rituals I discover and can pass on to others.


Joost Gorter
Partner NewForesight

Bärbel is terrific. She connects deeply and profoundly with teams, any team.


And after engaging with her the team is just a little different, a little better, a little happier, and very grateful for their time with her.

About Bärbel

The Ritual Coach

In my life I’ve seen that people develop themselves best if they are connected and if they feel what it is that touches them.


Rituals are a beautiful way of doing so. Wherever you go, your feelings will join you. Rituals help you to give these feelings space, a home. Rituals are the homeland of feelings.

The experiences I have had in my life, I now use to help you make a deeper connection to yourself. I do this by inviting you to engage in life’s topics through rituals.


The wonder you experience will inspire and motivate you to make the changes you desire.


What a ritual means to me:

  • Consciously slowing down by being fully present with what I’m doing

  • Separating what has been and what will be

  • Reaching beyond words and touches everyone in a different way

  • Bringing me a deeper sense of connection and wonder


With my PhD in agriculture, I lived in Tanzania, Niger, Sri Lanka and Egypt to contribute to sustainable agriculture. I was born and raised in Germany, and have been living in Amsterdam for 15 years now. I work for the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition, an NGO that contributes to healthy foods for farmers and workers in Asia and Africa. With my training to become a ritual maker at Docendo and my training as narrative coach, I have gained the tools to let meaningful rituals emerge with energy and joy.

And you?


Do you also want to enrich your life? I have experienced and applied myself all of the processes and rituals (changing jobs, saying goodbye to a friend or lover, daily rituals, celebrations, work related rituals and more) I now guide. That is how I know how valuable it can be.


Are you curious to hear what a Ritual Coach can mean for you?

Baerbel.weiligmann Zorgvandezaak.foundat
Over Bärbel

My own rituals


Saying goodbye to a loved one in wonder


In my own life I use transition rituals for big life changes, but also enjoy small daily rituals.


A few years back, I had a loving relationship with a man, but we could not live together. We still loved each other very much and felt the need to say goodbye properly.


We did it by using a goodbye ritual. We cut a large photo of us together in half, and expressed our gratitude for each other, for what the other had meant to us. With these good wishes in our hearts, each of us burned the photo of the other in the fireplace.


The moment of cutting and burning was very painful, but it ended up bringing us so much.


Our love took on a new form, and there was a clear separation between the before and after of our relationship.


Now I can always look back to a very special, but also very clear, goodbye. It helped me a lot in processing my emotions.

My daily rituals create deepening


Besides the big life rituals, I also use daily rituals to increase my joy productivity. For instance, each morning I get up to do yoga and meditation.


One day I started with a few minutes, but eventually that turned into over an hour. Of course, I still have days when I consider staying comfortably in my bed to sleep one more hour. But my experience  taught me that this hour for myself will bring me much more than sleeping an extra hour. So, I get up.



Rituals in my work environment


I've often experienced how well a ritual works at the beginning of a meeting. If you start the meeting with a simple ritual that allows people to reflect on how they are feeling, you will have a much deeper conversation. Participants will start to feel connected to each other. It makes the conversation go more smoothly, and efficiently, so real progress can be made.


I look forward to hearing from you


Would you like to know more about what rituals can mean for your organization?

Are you doubting about the best theme for you and your group? I like to think along with you.


Bärbel Weiligmann

Zeeburgerdijk 621

1095 LH Amsterdam


+31 (0) 642259624

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between habits and rituals?

Rituals are conscious actions used for a specific purpose, unlike the many often mindless habits we have. Ritual cannot be habits, but habits could become meaningful rituals. Rituals are already engrained in our system, but often we are not aware of using them. By using rituals in your daily life, you create little hooks in your brain.

How do the ritual workshops work?

You can choose from several themes for the workshop. Each theme can be interesting at any moment in your life; just browse through them to discover the possibilities and choose what speaks to you most.

What do we do during a workshop?

The workshops all last between an hour and a half to two hours. The exact content of the workshop differs based on the theme, but you can expect to experience a ritual and to go home with a meaningful symbol. You will connect to a deeper level of yourself, bond with your group and of course, you will have fun! For more information, check out the different themes.


Why in a group?

In a group you will be inspired by the experience of others. This will give you new ideas and makes sure you not only learn in your own way, but you will also learn from others. Besides, it’s a lot of fun to do this with friends and/or colleagues. It’s a great bonding experience that not only connects you to yourself, but also to others.


So after this workshop I will have the perfect life?

If only anything in life was that easy. Behavioral experts have been telling us for years that behavior does not change overnight. It changes by continually taking small steps. During this workshop you will take the first few steps, and you’ll learn how to keep walking afterwards.


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