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Your team but better.

Do you ever feel like you're tiptoeing around something in your team or organization? How can you ensure that employees stay connected and motivated - and don't leave?
In Motion rituals are there to support you in achieving your goals with lasting impact. Connect your employees with a purpose. Build trust. Encourage creativity and joy. How can rituals set you and your employees 'In Motion'?

Image by Marc-Olivier Jodoin


Rituals bring you into the flow and connect.


Rituals help you deal with emotions and stress.


Rituals deepen your experience.


For companies

Rituals connect colleagues & deepen the relationship.

  • Do you want your employees to feel (re)connected to your organization?

  • Do you need new ideas to deepen the team spirit?

  • Are you looking for ways to start a new collaboration in a special way?

  • Is the productivity in your organization not quite what you would like it to be?

You’re in the right place. With an innovative approach that is supported by rituals, we take on great challenges. We will increase the productivity of your employees or work on the connection within the team and to the company. This way, all of your employees will use their own strengths and can experience more creativity in the workplace.


The programs

Every company has its own stories and its own needs, and therefore needs its own rituals. So, of course, all programs will be designed to best suit the needs of your employees and your vision. The content of the programs varies, but a few examples are:

  • Strengthening the connection.

  • Increasing the interpersonal depth within the team.

  • Restoring creativity.

Every program centers around unique exercises through which people gain new insights into themselves, others and the workplace.

introduction bedrijven
Introduction voor jou

For you

Collect experiences, not things.

For a long time it was important to always have the newest thing. The latest phone, a wandrobe full of clothes, or that one bag that keeps showing up in ads on social media.


Now we realize that collecting experiences  will enrichen our life more than material possessions ever could. However, if we go through new experiences faster than he latest series on Netflix, how much value does it really provide you?


Consider a recent experience

You thought it would be life changing. You were sure it would stay with you forever. How long did you actually enjoy it? How intense was the experience in hindsight?  How great would it be if you can create powerful memories of these moments, that will stay with you forever?


Use rituals

Rituals are conscious actions used for a specific purpose, unlike the many often mindless habits we have. Rituals are already engrained in our system, but often we are not aware of using them consciously.


By using rituals in your daily life, you create hooks in your brain. This makes your memories of good experiences truly comes to life. It's anchored into your memory. This allows you to include the feeling and intention of the exact moment you commit big life changes to memory.

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