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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between habits and rituals?

Rituals are conscious actions used for a specific purpose, unlike the many often mindless habits we have. Rituals cannot be habits, but habits could become meaningful rituals. Rituals are already engrained in our system, but often we are not aware of using them. By using rituals in your daily life, you create little hooks in your brain.

How do the ritual workshops work?

You can choose from several themes for the webinars/workshops. Each theme can be interesting at any moment in your life; just browse through them to discover the possibilities and choose what speaks to you most.

What do we do during a workshop?

Webinars and personal workshops last between an hour and a half and two hours, while corporate workshops last three hours (online) or four hours (in person). The exact content of the webinar/workshop differs based on the theme, but you can expect to experience a ritual and to go home with a meaningful symbol. You will connect to a deeper level of yourself, bond with your group and of course, you will have fun! For more information, check out the different themes.


Why in a group?

In a group you will be inspired by the experience of others. This will give you new ideas and makes sure you not only learn in your own way, but you will also learn from others. Besides, it’s a lot of fun to do this with friends and/or colleagues. It’s a great bonding experience that not only connects you to yourself, but also to others.


So after this workshop I will have the perfect life?

If only anything in life was that easy. Behavioral experts have been telling us for years that behavior does not change overnight. It changes by continually taking small steps. During this workshop you will take the first few steps, and you’ll learn how to keep walking afterwards.

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