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About me

Hello, my name is Bärbel, and I am a business and group ritual coach for experiences with depth. In my life I’ve seen that people develop themselves best if they are connected and if they feel what it is that touches them.


Rituals are a beautiful way of doing so. Wherever you go, your feelings will join you. Rituals help you to give these feelings space, a home. Rituals are the homeland of feelings.

The experiences I have had in my life, I now use to help you make a deeper connection to yourself. I do this by inviting you to engage in life’s topics through rituals.


The wonder you experience will inspire and motivate you to make the changes you desire.


What a ritual means to me:

  • Consciously slowing down by being fully present with what I’m doing

  • Separating what has been and what will be

  • Reaching beyond words and touches everyone in a different way

  • Bringing me a deeper sense of connection and wonder


With my PhD in agriculture, I lived in Tanzania, Niger, Sri Lanka and Egypt to contribute to sustainable agriculture. I was born and raised in Germany, and have been living in Amsterdam for 15 years now. I work for the Global Alliance for Improved Nutrition, an NGO that contributes to healthy foods for farmers and workers in Asia and Africa. With my training to become a ritual maker at Docendo and my training as narrative coach, I have gained the tools to let meaningful rituals emerge with energy and joy.

And you?


Do you also want to enrich your life? I have experienced and applied myself all of the processes and rituals (changing jobs, saying goodbye to a friend or lover, daily rituals, celebrations, work related rituals and more) I now guide. That is how I know how valuable it can be.


Are you curious to hear what a Ritual Coach can mean for you?

Over mij

My own rituals


Saying goodbye to a loved one in wonder


In my own life I use transition rituals for big life changes, but also enjoy small daily rituals.


A few years back, I had a loving relationship with a man, but we could not live together. We still loved each other very much and felt the need to say goodbye properly.


We did it by using a goodbye ritual. We cut a large photo of us together in half, and expressed our gratitude for each other, for what the other had meant to us. With these good wishes in our hearts, each of us burned the photo of the other in the fireplace.


The moment of cutting and burning was very painful, but it ended up bringing us so much.


Our love took on a new form, and there was a clear separation between the before and after of our relationship.


Now I can always look back to a very special, but also very clear, goodbye. It helped me a lot in processing my emotions.

My daily rituals create deepening


Besides the big life rituals, I also use daily rituals to increase my joy productivity. For instance, each morning I get up to do yoga and meditation.


One day I started with a few minutes, but eventually that turned into over an hour. Of course, I still have days when I consider staying comfortably in my bed to sleep one more hour. But my experience  taught me that this hour for myself will bring me much more than sleeping an extra hour. So, I get up.



Rituals in my work environment


I've often experienced how well a ritual works at the beginning of a meeting. If you start the meeting with a simple ritual that allows people to reflect on how they are feeling, you will have a much deeper conversation. Participants will start to feel connected to each other. It makes the conversation go more smoothly, and efficiently, so real progress can be made.


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