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Investing in rituals in the workplace

Rituals are intentional actions that follow a specific pattern or script, infused with
symbolism and meaning. The result is a deeper sense of connection, enabling people to
move forward using their own resources.

Five evidence-based benefits of rituals:

  1. Rituals save time and quicker get you into a state of flow. (Tigchelaar)

  2. Rituals increase performances. (Alison Wood Brooks, Norton)

  3. Rituals help people to deal with emotions and stress. (Norton)

  4. Rituals strengthen creativity in groups. (Norton)

  5. Rituals increase the quality of an experience. (Kathleen Vohs)

My offerings include webinar and workshop packages. Each is customized for your organization's needs and goals. Are you curious how rituals can create lasting impact in your team?


Webinar packages

Practical information

When to choose? If you are looking for an introduction to rituals, personal development, reflection, productivity, connection and creating daily joyful moments at work

Webinar package: Choose 3 sessions within 1 year

Time: 2 hours (online)

Participants: 5 - 30


I look forward to hearing from you to discuss the possibilities for your organization.

Workshop packages

Practical information

When to choose? If you are looking for an active experience of team building rituals, deeper connection, appreciation, happier employees, creativity and better performance


Webinar package: Choose 3 sessions within 1 year

Time: 4 hours (in-person) or 3 hours (online)

Participants: 5 - 30


I look forward to hearing from you to discuss the possibilities for your organization.



Sharon Bligh
Consumer Goods Forum (FR) 

"Working with Barbel is unique.  I had never encountered her techniques and I was quite skeptical at first but I have seen now the impact. Her rituals build a deeper sense of  connection, trust and accountability among team members and link everyone around a common belief and purpose."


Gino Govinder
Earthrise Trust (SA)

"One of the most outstanding features I have witness[ed] is her passion and compassion in working with people in a variety of contexts. Her use of ordinary everyday symbols such as a wheel to advance ways of seeing, ways of being and ways of doing were truly inspiring and when done leaves a lasting legacy for our community in South Africa."


Joost Gorter
Partner NewForesight (NL)

"After engaging with her the team is just a little different, a little better, a little happier, and very grateful for their time with her."

team strand .jpeg

Are you looking for a group activity that creates depth?

Maybe a birthday you want to celebrate differently,

a team meeting with colleagues, or a bachelor party?

8 ritual workshops for you where you connect, deepen and be amazed.


How does it work?

You can choose from several themes for the workshop. Each theme can be interesting at any moment in your life; just browse through them to discover the possibilities and choose what speaks to you most. 



What do we do during a workshop?

The workshops all last two hours. The exact content of the workshop differs based on the theme, but you can expect to experience a ritual and to go home with a meaningful symbol. You will connect to a deeper level of yourself, bond with your group and of course, you will have fun! For more information, check out the different themes. .


Ritual workshops for you

Practical information

When to choose?If you are looking for a fun and connecting experience of rituals with a group of friends, team, or otherwise

Time: 1.5 - 2 hours (in person in the Amsterdam region or online)

Attendees: 5 - 30


I look forward to hearing from you to discuss the possibilities.



Doke Hoekstra
Creative entrepreneur  

“The Ritual workshops have been really special to me. It gave me insights on a personal level, but also an interpersonal level.


Bärbel creates an intimate atmosphere. That, combined with the hospitality and passion with which Bärbel guides the workshop, truly makes it into an enriching experience that I would highly recommend to anyone!”


Marius Touwen
Art Department  

“I got pulled out of my comfort zone and was part of an accessible, positive and especially fun workshop.


I felt at ease and really connected to the group. At the end of the evening, I went home filled with excitement.”

christine foto.jpg

Christine Wagner

Bärbel's ritual sessions inspire, stimulate creativity and strengthen the connection of the group with one another, as well as with the audience.

Bärbel performs her powerful rituals with great enthusiasm. She is a deep listener and great connector. Through her rituals she motivates people to take the first step to feel, think and act differently.


Every ritual with Bärbel is a start for a profound transformation.

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